I have a e-shop built with Opencart, so I know some things in PHP and MVC. But since Opencart is getting outdated with no recent updates, I want to switch to Magento 2.

What things do I need to learn in PHP to make a smooth transition?

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AKAIK open cart is also e-commerce platform.

Between Magento2 and Open cart there are lot of common functionalities as well as both are e-commerce platform.

Coming back to your question - What things do I need to learn in PHP to make a smooth transition?

  • So As per my opininon to learn Magento 2 (Special on code level) - you must have very good knowledge of OOPS(Object Oriented Programming Structure) concepts in PHP.
  • Second thing which is important is - MVC - Magento 2 is totally based on MVC(Model View Controller) so you really needed strong knowledge of MVC part.
  • Third but useful for frontend side - You have to at least good knowledge of basic javascript and jQuery , Magento 2 is using requireJs Concepts as well but that you will learn later on .

So on a summarized manner you must have knowledge of - OOPS , MVC , CORE PHP

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    Magento 2 mostly uses the MVVM model not MVC
    – gabehou
    Apr 13, 2018 at 16:59
  • @gabehou - Magento 2 mostly uses MVC for PHP part.. MVVM is used on frontend side for JS part - example : knockout js concept which uses MVVM. but on Php side it uses MVC. Apr 13, 2018 at 18:19

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