Can someone please shortly describe how to set domains for my magento 2 different stores views and websites, or maybe recommend for me a good tutorial, thanks !


To short answer, I provide already detail explanation links Hope it help you !.

I consider you understand Following terms

  • Multi-store(different Catalog/Brand)

  • multi-view(different Region/Language/Currency)

  • Multi-website(different Domains)


enter image description here

  1. Please follow it firstly official documentation for overall idea how it works


2 Create a storefront and Configure the server to load your storefront

if you need to create multiple store(e.g Nike) , store view(US|IN|FR)


  1. Setup multi-Website switcher :

if you need to change store view US|UK|France|German| drop down from single domain.


  1. Setup multi-Website :

if you need to setup multi-store for different domain (e.g domain1.com,domain2.com) manage from single admin.


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