I am using Magento2.2.0 and I have enabled Payments Standard(Accept credit card and PayPal payments securely) and set up paypal email , API username , API password, API Signature etc.

Now on frontend when I am placing an order with PayPal standard, it is being redirected to PayPal page and if I complete the full Payment Process it is working fine.

But If I cancelled the payment, it is redirected to Shopping Cart Page with the message "Express Checkout has been canceled".

Now my question is I have set up PayPal Standard but why it is giving error "Express Checkout has been canceled".

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Express Checkout has been canceled

is coming from


Both express checkout and Standard methods, the cancel url's class is extended from this class:

You will find that class extends by

  • Magento\Paypal\Controller\Payflowexpress\Cancel
  • Magento\Paypal\Controller\Expres\Cancel
  • So, the standard method is being used. It just the message coming the common class. Am I right ? Apr 11, 2018 at 7:47
  • Idea ,says that .One of that those class used for cancel url for paypal standard method ` Magento\Paypal\Controller\Payflowexpress\Cancel Magento\Paypal\Controller\Expres\Cancel`
    – Amit Bera
    Apr 11, 2018 at 7:59

Paypal provides two business solutions Paypal Payment Solutions.

  1. PayPal Payments Standard
  2. PayPal Payments Pro

Here in Magento 2, PayPal is configured to use Express Checkout API

For the error message, you got as @Amit said the message is coming from the common class.

Yes, this is quite confusing naming issue. You can read more from the github issue

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