I want to setup Magento 2 with docker and system of containers are ubuntu.

Can anyone help me, how to setup docker file?


I've been using for the last 6 months the docker images created by Fabrizio Balliano It works nicely on ubuntu. And you have a readme file explaining what you need to do to get it running.

  • The project readme says "if someday we'll be able to deploy this infrastructure in production..." This implies it is not production-ready. Is it recommended to run Magento 2 in docker on production servers? – MountainX Dec 7 '19 at 1:39

You can use these files to setup your docker environment easy to use, visit link below - https://github.com/markoshust/docker-magento

You can setup on both environments windows and mac. I hope so it will help you.


I am following Magento Commerce Cloud > Docker development > Launch Docker > Developer mode so that I can stay updated with the official Magento docker development. Working fine in MacOS for me. I have tested both Magento Commerce and Open Source.

In order to work with Open Source version I had to do few tweaking while following Developer mode:

  1. While you are done with the Step#1
    Download a Magento application template from the Magento Cloud repository.
    you should get a composer.json and a composer.lock in the directory. You will need to replace those two files with your preferable composer.json and composer.lock files if you like contributing to the Magento 2 Code Base. Or you may take a copy of those files generated during installing Magento using Composer.
  2. In Step#5
    In your local environment, generate the Docker Compose configuration file.
    while running the following command you may get the ece-docker not found error:
$ ./vendor/bin/ece-docker build:compose --mode="developer" --sync-engine="mutagen" --php 7.3

-bash: ./vendor/bin/ece-docker: No such file or directory

In order to solve that you will need to add `magento/magento-cloud-docker`:
$ composer require magento/magento-cloud-docker

Now you should be able to build the configuration.

You may need to edit the docker.compose.yml file to meet your needs.

  1. In Step#10
    Install Magento in your Docker environment
you should encounter the following error:

Could not open input file: ./vendor/bin/ece-tools Solve that with

$ composer require magento/ece-tools
  1. Follow the rest of the steps accordingly. And you should be done.

Magento2 with nginx + varnish https://hub.docker.com/r/meanbee/magento2-varnish

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