I need to BCC the shipment email to an email-address whenever I send the email to the customer.
I have added the BCC address in

Backend - System - Configuration - Sales section - Sales Emails tab

however this does also BCC the shipping email when not sent to the customer.
I send it to the postal service first for processing, and later to the customer when Magento has received the tracking information.
I therefore need to add BCC to the template instead.
Anyone know where and how to achieve this?

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Yes, it is correct behavior, the Magento always sends BCC email even if it should not to be send to customer.
To avoid it you need rewrite the sendEmail method of the Mage_Sales_Model_Order_Shipment class in your custom extension or override this class via the following directory:


and you need replace the following line of code in the sendEmail method:

if (!$notifyCustomer && !$copyTo) {
    return $this;

by the following line of code:

if (!$notifyCustomer) {
    return $this;

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