I create a custom payment method, all is working except the title in the checkout.

In the admin, I can see it, all looks good, I can change all and they persist in the database.

I can see the radio button in the checkout (without the title)

I can get in the observer the method by code.

The only part I can't get is the Title, and I don't know if exist some way to get it by their code.

Any idea?


Ok, I tried something and work, but I want to know if my deduction is correct:

protected $_code = 'payment_custom'; //doesn't work with the underscore
protected $_code = 'paymentcustom'; // work

I'm still testing if the code name must be the same as the module_name

makes sense to you?

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For the title in your system config your payment method title should be under <title> </title> because generally, Magento get the title of Payment method from using getTitle()(app\design\frontend\YOUR_PACKAGE\YOUR_THEME\template\checkout\onepage\payment.phtml) method and in this method you can see that it is written as in Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract (Not sure If your payment method class is overridden )

 public function getTitle()
        return $this->getConfigData('title');

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