i am trying to redirect a user to a custom offline payment method that i have created form one of my phtml file using a button click.

my payment method name is pay by cash.

I have a template where i am listing all the orders.

I want to redirect user to the Pay by Cash payment method and automatically do a place order by Pay by cash method on button click.

please help ! how i can do that.

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in your "method-renderer" you can redirect to your controller action and from there you can render you phtml template :

file location :


code example :

return Component.extend({
       defaults: {
           template: 'compnay_method/payment/paybycash',
                redirectAfterPlaceOrder: false

         /** Returns send check to info */
         getMailingAddress: function() {
             return window.checkoutConfig.payment.checkmo.mailingAddress;
         afterPlaceOrder: function (data, event) {
             // Redirect to your controller action after place order button click



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