I have been trying to debug or troubleshoot my Magento Store (version for a few days now. It's bottlenecking and hitting the server resource limits. But I am stuck on trying to get my profiler work. It's working and showing logs on the back-end but on front-end there's only empty columns and rows.

This is my Front-End -

enter image description here

And this is my Back-End -

enter image description here

I have tried to configure the debugger on my multilingual store views, but still not working. Is there any possible solution to it? Varien_Profiler::enable(); also uncommented on index.php.

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Reinstalled the theme and it worked flawlessly. Also, some of my wrapper div's had display:none; in the CSS file before reinstallation, which interrupted with the profiler to trace. Hope it helps!


If you are working on multi-store installation, then you will need to edit each index.php file for each store view. Note that each store view will have its own directory in your magento root directory

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