I know most of been gone through the Magento 2's ui_component.

I would like to know that If i add new field in existing ui_component of core code,

Do i need to write my custom code to save my field's value to db ?

Any one has idea about it ??



=> For example :

you have made some changes in product's ui forms, then for that you need to keep form element name same as database_column name.

Then, You don't need to do any save process.

But, If you add a column in a custom database then you need to do code for save in product save after observer event.

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  • Yes, I know that, I've added text field and its saving its value to DB No issues, Now if i add multiselect and add new field to DB with same name does it work ? without any custom code ?! – anonymous Apr 7 '18 at 6:53

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