My company uses Google Apps for Business. We've created a contact form on our site that captures users' comments on the checkout page. I wanted to set the Reply-To field as the user's email address (to avoid servers marking it as a spoofed email address if I use the To field). Gmail doesn't seem to recognize my Reply-To field. Here is a snippet from the original email source with fake data.

"... as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: =?utf-1?BTWF0dCBTd1FuY1hpZQ==?=

I've compared it to other email sources and my formatting seems correct. I can post the extension code if necessary but I'm really just curious if this is proper formatting. Thank you.

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I didn't realize this but apparently if you "own" the email address in the From field, it will ignore the Reply-To and default to your From address.


I used a different address than one associated with my Google Apps for Business and it worked.

  • This used to work but seems not to work anymore
    – snh_nl
    Commented Oct 13, 2014 at 8:02

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