I have created 3 catalog rules for category.

  1. Shoes Category: 5% Off , Catalog Rule Name: Shoes Offer
  2. Toys Category: 10% Off, Catalog Rule Name: Toys Offer
  3. Fashion Accessories: 8% Off, Catalog Rule Name: Fashion Acc. Offer

So all the product of that categories are showing discounted price in category. On cart page i want to show which catalog rule is applied to item.

Is there any way to check on cart item that which catalog rule is applied to it?

How can i check which catalog rule is applied to item and how much discount is applied?

Any help would be appreciated.


We can use \Magento\Quote\Model\Quote\Item $item to check the applied rules.



See a good example here: vendor/magento/module-sales-rule/Observer/SalesOrderAfterPlaceObserver.php

In database, we should take a look at quote_item table.

  • $item->getAppliedRuleIds(); Will it show the catalog rule name?
    – jack
    Apr 2 '18 at 13:18
  • It just returns the rule ids, we can loop this array to find the rule entity. Apr 2 '18 at 14:06
  • Thanksf or your help! Just tried this method it's returning shopping cart rules but not Catalog Price rule. How can i load applied catalog price rule? Product of shoes cateogry have 5% discount based on catalog rule i want to display that on cart page. Above code is displaying cart rule. Any other way to detect catalog price rule?
    – jack
    Apr 3 '18 at 4:47
  • See more here: vendor/magento/module-sales-rule/Observer/SalesOrderAfterPlaceObserver.php. I updated my answer. Apr 4 '18 at 3:34
  • For Catalog Price rule, it need to check. Apr 4 '18 at 3:35

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