I have multiple websites with different domains for each website and different Catalog Root Tree for each website on a single Magento 1.9 installation.

The first website (abc.com) is the default website store selling almost 40.000 products. The second website (123.com) have a limited range with same product of first website.

When I create a product I select the website that I want to show the product (or select all websites). Also If I select all website I choose to add it to specific category of every website.

I create different sitemaps for every store view of every website.

The problem is that to second sitemap xml (with limited range of products) appears all the products even if I haven't enabled. As a result the Google returns me 404 error cause not find the product.

Anyone know how can I exclude the products from the second XML?


You need to set different name for 123.com sitemap and describe it to robots.txt

If you use same name "sitemap.xml" sitemap for 123.com is overrided by default abc.com sitemap.

  • Hi @Bashev. The problem is the generation of sitemap.xml. The sitemap contains products that isn't enabled to website. – panosdotk Apr 2 '18 at 8:50

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