Does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to post and test a soap v1 api call using Postman?

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I recommend to use SOAP UI for testing the Magento 1 SOAP API and Postman or Swagger for Magento 2 Rest Calls. With SOAP UI you can import the full WSDL Schema with Basic Example Requests.



How to use Steps:

  • Click on SOAP or File > New SOAP Project(Create new SOAP project)
  • Fill in a Project Name
  • Fill in the wsdl schema url
  • Press OK and now the schema will be imported
  • Open the schema and go to the login call
  • Open the login call and double click on Request 1
  • Fill in you username and API key
  • Run the API call by pressing the run icon
  • Now you will retrieve an API-token which you can use for the other requests

Example of a WSDL schema URL:


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