I am using this event: controller_action_predispatch_sales_order_create_showUpdateResult

this is my xml code:


This is my class:

class Mynamspace_Mymodule_Model_Observer_MyClass

    public function myMethod($observer)
        Mage::log('Tralala', Zend_Log::ERR, 'mylog.log', true);

This is the controller from ajax :sales_order_create/showUpdateResult/. It s about updating the items from cart from adminpanel. I would like to trigger an observer when that ajax request is called. For some reason it doesn;t work. What am I missing ?

Thank you

  • have you tried to print route name in your controller ?? Mar 27, 2018 at 12:54

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Please try adding:


along with <class/> and <method/>.

I'm not sure what the default value of type is, but the examples given in Magento dev docs set it to "singleton".


I moved my observer form <adminhtml> to the <global> and changed my event from




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