Here is my partial code

    $productObj = $objectManager->create('Magento\Catalog\Model\Product');
        $totalAdded ++;
        $productObj->setName($value->product_name) // Use default        
        // ->setStoreId(39)
            // price in form 100.99

        ->setAttributeSetId(9) //ID of a attribute set named 'default'

        //->setSpecialPrice($var_val->min_price) //special price in form 11.22
        ->setSku($var_val->sku."-".$var_val->variant_id) //SKU        
            'use_config_manage_stock' => 0, //'Use config settings' checkbox
            'manage_stock'=>1, //manage stock
            'min_sale_qty'=>1, //Minimum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart
             //Maximum Qty Allowed in Shopping Cart
            'is_in_stock' => 1, //Stock Availability
            'qty' => $var_val->quantity //qty


after adding product price is not getting stored in backend and showing 0 in frontend.

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Please use setFinalPrice(100.99) instead of setPrice(100.99).

I hope this will help you.

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