I am looking for accelerated online training to be able to create a theme /package in version 1.9.

I already have a responsive HTML design, and I can develop in quite a few different languages - but I am not overly familiar with the Magento framework ( I have done bits and pieces with version 1.3 - and I know the basic structure. )

I looked at U Magento - but I find it a bit confusing and more focused on version 2 ( and not sure which ones to take exactly).

I definitely need Magento v.1.x as I have quite a few extensions that have a lifetime upgrade for version 1 and payment gateways etc are not available for v. 2.

I would prefer video-based, although a concise step by step guide to get a theme up and running would be really great.

thanks for your time, your help is greatly appreciated.

  • For complete theme creation in Magento v-1.9.x you can follow link 2 in my answer below. – inrsaurabh Mar 25 '18 at 8:01

To create a new or child theme we must understand the theme fall back rule of Magento.

How fallback works in Magento 1.9.x ?

Magento theme fallback

source : source

Some helpful links:

1) Creating a new Theme in Magento 1.9

2) Responsive Web Design Developer's Guide

Once you created minimum required folders and fils,set your Package and Theme at Admin > System > Configuration > Design

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