I have an slider in home page and this slider show 5 product in every line
everything all right but, when a user's page is small the number of products decreases and the slide starts to move.

How can I disable the slider only in the homepage only ?


There are many ways to do that, it depends how your block is integrated


  1. Check if your slider has some admin configuration, maybe you can set that to display it just for the home page

  2. Check your the slider xml and find this block slider, maybe it is displayed in all pages so you can remove it from your homepage in local.xml like this:


        <remove name="block.slider.name" />


  1. Enable the path hints to find the phtml who diplays this slider
  2. Add the piece of code bellow

        <?php if(!$this->getIsHomePage()) : ?>
           //your slider code here...
        <?php endif; ?>
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