This is a very challenging thing for me. I gave up and I'm asking for help :)

  1. How Do I Display the Discount % for some payment methods on the checkout (onepage)?

Customer sees:

Select your Payment Method:

  • Bank Transfer 3% Discount on your purchase
  • Credit Card
  • Check 3% Discount on your purchase
  • Purchase Order 3% Discount on your purchase

I have so far:

$...get Model
<?php if ($rule->getIsActive()) {
        echo $discount .'%'.' Discount on your purchase';
     } ?>

I need:

<?php if ($rule->getIsActive()) {
       if ($rule applies to bank_transfer, check memmo, purchase order ) {
        echo $discount .'%'.' Discount on your purchase';
     } ?>
  1. How Do I apply this code to all payments at the same time without adding it to each payment.phtml file?

The Shopping Cart Rule has been set already. (RULE ID: 1)

I can just show a text with the message on each payment where the rule applies, but The rule changes sometimes and I don't want to change the text manually every single time. And i dont want to place the code on each payment.phtml file. Thanks

  • thanks for your help. I was able to do this after a few days.
    – Geo
    Commented Apr 7, 2018 at 19:50

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I'm trying to display a normal message if one payment method is selected in Magento 1.9 can you help me on that?

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