When our Magento 2 on live server and we require to enable disable modules, flush cache , deploy static files etc ,we need to configure SSH.

but now not connect my putty so how to run all command


1. Create a file in your Root 'commands.php', add commands you want to run in system() function in php file.

2. Run it by URL like : your-site-url/commands.php

   system('php bin/magento cache:flush'); // for cache flush 
   system('php bin/magento setup:upgrade'); // for setup upgrade
   system('php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy'); // for static content deploy

You can create simple "test.php" in your root directory and put the code as mentioned in below post.

How to install module magento 2 don't need run command line bin/magento setup:upgrade

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