I can successfully create the shipment for the entire order but if I want to create partial shipment then it will also create the full quantity can someone tell me how can I create the partial shipment.

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Here is the way to create partial shipment.

you have to pass orderItemId and Qty to ship

Class ShipmentAPI{

    protected $_shipOrderInterface;

    public function __construct(
     \Magento\Sales\Api\ShipOrderInterface $shipOrderInterface
        $this->_shipOrderInterface = $shipOrderInterface;

    public function createShipment($orderId){

        $shipmentItems = [ "29" => 2 ];
        $shipmentId = 0;    
        if(count($shipmentItems) > 0){

            foreach($shipmentItems as $orderItemId => $qty){
                $itemCreation = $this->_shipmentItemCreationInterface;

                $shipItem[] = clone $itemCreation;              

            $shipmentItem = $this->_shipmentInteface->setItems($shipItem);

            $_items = [];
            if(count($shipmentItem->getItems()) > 0 ){
                $_items = $shipmentItem->getItems();    

            $shipmentId = $this->_shipOrderInterface->execute( 
                $notify = false,
                $appendComment = false,
                $comment = null,  

        return $shipmentId;

this function will give you shipmentId after passing the items properly. Hope this will help you.


A bit of a simpler solution that worked perfectly for me:

$shipmentItems = [

$this->shipOrder->execute($orderId, $shipmentItems, $notify, $appendComment, $comment, $tracks, $packages, $arguments);

Where $this->shipItemCreation is an instance of \Magento\Sales\Api\ShipOrderInterface and $this->shipOrder is an instance of \Magento\Sales\Api\ShipOrderInterface.

The above example creates a shipment with 1 unit of the order item ID 1234.

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