Up till now i had been working in (Simple)flat database structure in my custom modules, but now i have to use EAV database structure but i don't have any idea, how to implement EAV structure.

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.


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EAV is entity attribute value database model, where data is fully in normalized form. Each column data value is stored in their respective data type table.

EAV is complex as it joins 5-6 tables even if you want to get just one product’s details.

Example, for a product Columns are called attributes in EAV.

  • product ID is stored in catalog_product_entity_int table
  • product name in catalog_product_entity_varchar table,
  • product price in catalog_product_entity_decimal table,
  • product created date in catalog_product_entity_datetime table,
  • product description in catalog_product_entity_texttable.

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