I am working on a new project where the client has taken subscription of Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition.

I know that Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition enables us to use the following three types of environments, i.e. integration, staging, and production.

I have its account access like enter image description here

I took its clone on locally and try to do installation through "composer install" like we do in CE. but its ended on error

File doesn't exist: bin/magento Check "chmod" section in composer.json of magento/magento2-base package. File doesn't exist: bin/magento Check "chmod" section in composer.json of magento/magento2-ee-base package.

I donot know whats the right way of doing its local setup. Enterprice is a new environment for me. Kindly guide me it would be a great favour.

  • File doesn't exist: bin/magento
    – MagenX
    Mar 20, 2018 at 7:43
  • I have also the same issue in my current cloud project. While composer update command it throws the same error as above. May 17, 2018 at 9:48

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I had the same problem while setting up the Magento Cloud Edition on the local machine. While running the composer update I was getting the above error.

It seems to be some kind of configuration error or some composer related issue. There is a trace of the same issue on the Magento Forum and on Magento2 Github Issue tracker.


I have solved the issue by downgrading and upgrading the Magento version using composer.json file.

Downgrade the version to 2.2.2 and upgrade again to the 2.2.3. After this, I am able to run composer upgrade and install the Magento Cloud on the local machine.


Step by step process is given on this link in Magento devdocs to create a local environment of Magento enterprise cloud edition. Please refer.

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