In Magento, Stock Status is global, so when a product is Out-Of-Stock, then it's disabled for all websites / storeviews.

Are there anyways to make Stock Status working on storeview level? I have bought the Advanced Inventory module from Wyomind, but it only allows you to created different warehouses for different storeviews. And when a warehouse having 0 on the stock, it won't disable the product for that website the warehouse is associated with.

Can I make my own module to have Stock Status working on storeviews? or are there extensions available for this?


Magento 2.3 comes up with new MSI feature, so now you can maintain stock status based on store views. Check the release notes

and upgrade your magento 2.x to 2.3


In fact, you can define stock status and quantities per website. Because each MSI stock can be assigned to a website.

At the same time, each stock has multiple sources included. You can enter product quantities and statuses for each source. This way to disable a product for a given stock you should set "Source Item Status" to "Out of Stock" for each stock source.

Also, there is a new module from ecombricks that enabled store view sales channel instead of a website. So you can define quantities and stock statuses per store view.

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