I am aware of the default Add to cart url (/checkout/cart/add?product=[id]&qty=1), however I also want a Buy it now url that will add to cart then redirect the user to the checkout page (e.g. /checkout/onepage/).

A co-worker suggested echo $_product->getData('buyitnowurl') but that just generates the product's url.


What you want to do is implement an observer which sets the redirectUrl, so you process this execution path:

public function addAction()
    // ...
    try {
        // ...
        $url = $this->_getSession()->getRedirectUrl(true);
        if ($url) {
        } else {

So your URL is taken from the session and it is redirected to the checkout.

I think the easiest is, when you hook into checkout_cart_product_add_after, so you can be sure, that the item was added. You just have to add a parameter you can check in the URL, so you know it was a "Buy now" url.

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