I got a json response for a dropdown field from a controller, But how to I append the options to the dropdown, Please provide me a solution. I got response like below.


My Jquery code

 success: function (response){

How do I loop the values and update in the dropdown Please provide me a solution

For Reference

I am trying to convert the below prototype js code to jquery code

onSuccess: function (response) {
                let options = response.responseText.evalJSON();
                let opt = "<option value=''>-- Please select --</option>";
                options.each(function (option) {
                    opt += "<option value='" + option.value + "'>" + option.label + "</option>";
                document.getElementById("option_id").innerHTML = opt;
    url: "your-url"
}).done(function(response) {

    jQuery("#your-select-id").append('<option value="">--Please select--</option>');

    jQuery.each(response,function(key,value) {
        jQuery("#your-select-id").append('<option value="'+value.value+'">'+value.label+'</option>');

Try This, This will work

 success: function (response){
    var content = JSON.parse(response).content;
    var optionHtml;
    for(var val of content){
      optionHtml +='<option value="'+val.value+'">'+val.label+'</option>';

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