Recently i am working on a Magento 2 website which was installed from github , when i started to work on that project i used composer as when while installing on my local machine it asks me to run "composer install"

But i am not able to do so , even after running composer install again it asks me to run the same command.

My question now is

what is the `difference between the different methods to install the magento 2

and their cons if in future we ulter the method to update or while installing any extension.

I read this How to get the Magento software

If you clone the Magento 2 GitHub repository, you cannot use the Magento software in a production environment. You cannot have a live store that accepts orders and so on. Thank You.

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It will not update Magento, only the external dependencies, listed in the require section of composer.json. Everything in the replace section is supposed to be in the repository itself, so composer does not install it.

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