Current magento search results are not going to repeated store. It open at the current store. But the product is not included in current store. We would like to go the related store when click on the product.


  1. Current store is mainstore. Search rice in search box.

  2. In the mainstore there is no rice product. rice is only have in store1.

  3. When click on the rice, it's showing the product under mainstore.

Excepted Result

When click on the rice, it's showing the product under store1 instead of mainstore. The link should be store1 link.

Is it possible to change the link of product in search result ?

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  1. In admin, go to Product edit Page and switch to the store(store1 in your case) for which you want to make it available in Search
  2. Change the Visibility to Catalog,Search for that store(store1 in your case) and Save the product
  3. Now go to store(mainstore in your case) where you don't want it to be displayed in Search as well as Catalog
  4. Change the Visibility to Not visible individually for that store(mainstore in your case) and Save the product
  5. Run indexing, clear cache and test
  • Hi , we would like allow to search in every where. We would like to change the result link should direct to the related store.
    – saturngod
    Mar 16, 2018 at 3:07

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