I'm facing an issue with Magento 2.1 UPSELL PRODUCT LISTING. All the upsell products are showing same price as that of the PRODUCT price. In back-end I have set Manage Stock as NO as I don't need to managing stock at all. The issue only related to few products as others are loading fine.

How I can resolve the issue?, anyone knows please help me.

Attaching the back-end upsell product configuration screen and front-end view. FRONT-END VIEW



Please try below solution..


Look for below line in the above file

var priceBoxes = $('[data-role=priceBox]');


var priceBoxes = $('.product-info-price [data-role=priceBox]');

This worked for me. It selects only product priceBox in priceBoxes rather than all priceBoxs on the page.

  • Its working, In my case the theme has been override the Module, so I did the modification in theme itself. Thankyou @Subin Chandran – Sreejith Gopinath Mar 15 '18 at 13:03
  • how to choose price box for upsell product – Jaisa Feb 27 '19 at 13:06

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