I have a situation where I need to save values in couple of languages, Arabic and English at a save form, So I have two fields with the name Product Name and اسم المنتج i.e Product Name in Arabic, So I need a way I can translate the value in given locale i.e. ar_SA

Note: The Product Name is the primary textbox where as the اسم المنتج will be secondary at the Store View for en_US and vise versa in the case of Store View for ar_SA so I cannot hard code the text, I need it to be dynamically changed on the basis of current locale of the Store

I tried using Translate\Adapter class here but no luck

use Magento\Framework\Translate\Adapter as TranslateAdapter;


$translateAdapter = new TranslateAdapter();
return $translateAdapter->translate('Edit Product', 'ar_SA');

but no luck it returns the same Edit Product string, I already have Edit Product in my i18n/ar_SA.csv file

"Edit Product","تحرير المنتج"
"Save","حفظ المنتج"
"Product Name","اسم المنتج"
"Short Description","وصف قصير"
  • product name is a magento attribute?
    – Adrian Z.
    Mar 13, 2018 at 8:15
  • I have it in my .csv files @AdrianZ. Mar 13, 2018 at 8:15
  • Did you get the answer @riksof-zeeshan
    – Keyur Shah
    Oct 12, 2018 at 10:50

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If you are trying to translate the label from the Magento Edit Product Page, i would recommand using the attribute store view label translate from Stores > Atrributes -> Product. Go to the needed attribute and change the label for every storeview you have.

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