I am creating a cron job for a Magento 2 site. This cron job will search for files in


and will then process them.

I already have the cron job setup and can handle processing the file but I am wondering if there are any tools/libraries in magento 2 that can help with this process of finding files.

It is possible to do this without magento just using straight PHP commands but I am wondering if Magento has any tools that could help this process.

Part of the task that I will need to do when detecting these files is handle where they go as they are named in a certain format:



Try glob Function It'll help you to find a file in the folder. Check code for your reference.

$directory = "var/mycsv";
$csvs = glob($directory . "xyz.csv");

foreach($csvs as $csv)
  echo $csv;

I hope it'll help you. :)

  • Great, its work for me. Thanks @Mayank – Dhaduk Mitesh Mar 13 '18 at 5:13

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