Every time Magento 1.9.3 re-indexing page and URL automatically increases

every time when I run re-indexing, URL Rewrite Management increases ???

even product or fix



There are several reasons why this may happen. One of the more is when you have several products with the same URL key.

Example: If you have two products both named "Test" with both products having the same URL key "test". Magento will create two URL rewrites: one for test.html and one for test-2.html. If you re-run the Rewrite Indexing process, Magento will start creating a further redirect for the test-2.html URL and so on. It happens pretty often, especially with stores having configurable products with many simple products sharing the same name (e.g. clothes with different sizes and colors).

To Fix

Open up phpMyAdmin, create a backup of your Magento database, and flush the Magento table core_url_rewrite (so that it becomes totally empty). Immediately afterwards, refresh the Catalog Url Rewrites under Index Management. This will regenerate all URLs.

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