I would like to understand what's the difference between those 3 endpoints

https://magento2.host/index.php/rest/V1/integration/admin/token https://magento2.host/index.php/rest/default/V1/integration/admin/token https://magento2.host/index.php/rest/all/V1/integration/admin/token

Thank you.

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Create product, scope = All Store Views (POST/PUT /rest/all/V1/products/:sku): Associate product with all websites, as it actually does.

Update product, scope = All Store Views (POST/PUT /rest/all/V1/products/:sku): Preserve product website links; change actual behaviour for this.

Create product, scope = Default Store (POST/PUT /rest/default/V1/products/:sku): Associate product with default store website, as it actually does.

Update product, scope = Default Store (POST/PUT /rest/default/V1/products/:sku): Preserve product website links, as it actually does.;


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