I made disable "Magento_Theme" module in ( Stores/Configuration/Advanced/Disable Modules Output), but after disabling I cannot see admin page (It's black page) and even storefront page, too. (Even I cannot see login page).. Is there anything I can do? (I think Magento is fail to set theme correctly when it load a page...).

I already tried to clear cache, all generation files... Btw, this is Magento 2 store application. Please help me..

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Try enabling it from database table itself. In database Go to core_config_data table and search for value advanced/modules_disable_output/Magento_Theme in path column and set its value to 0.

Suggestion: You should not disable any core module directly, there are dependencies of modules.

  • There is no table named "core_config_data" in phpMyAdmin. Instead I found a table "authorization_rule". Is it also configurable table?
    – Yun
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:33
  • There must be a table with this name, it may have a prefix if you have added while installation. Hope you are checking in right database
    – Piyush
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:35
  • I found it, and changed the value to 0 and cleaned all caches and generations. I think it works now, but it seems that loading js/css files failed. Should I apply Magento_Theme again? or Do I need to fix extra thing?
    – Yun
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:44
  • try to run compile command again and check
    – Piyush
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:47
  • Thank you! At least it works for now except compiling issue. I created a new ticket for issue magento.stackexchange.com/questions/216444/… . By the way, you saved my life!!
    – Yun
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:59

Open app/code/config.php file and there search for 'Magento_Theme'. It would be set Magento_Theme => 0. change this to.

'Magento_Theme' => 1

After that clear cache, clear genration and then run setup:upgrade , setup:di:compile and setup:static-content:deploy command. hope it will work.

  • It was 1 even after I disable the module, I checked "bin/magento module:status" and "Magento_Theme" enabled. Should I re-compile again?
    – Yun
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:34
  • yes, you have to compile again, but make sure to delete fronted, adminhtml folders only in pub/static. and code in generation folder. Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:37
  • I tried to compile but there is another issue.. I created another ticket about the issue. Thank you anyway! magento.stackexchange.com/questions/216444/…
    – Yun
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 18:58

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