I want to split the following code.

<?php echo $currencySymbol." ".str_replace(",","",$custom_area1['mrp']); ?>

Currently it shows at $ 100 for example

The $ I understand is coming from <?php echo $currencySymbol." ". While the amount is coming from str_replace(",","",$custom_area1['mrp'])

How do I split it up so there is a function for $ and a function for the amount.

  • What do you mean by split up function ? – Kishan Patadia Mar 7 '18 at 6:33
  • so right now by using this <?php echo $currencySymbol." ".str_replace(",","",$custom_area1['mrp']); ?> It shows $ 100 I want two functions from the above function to show the $ and 100 separately – user2240778 Mar 7 '18 at 6:40
public function getCurrencySymbol(){
  return $currencySymbol;
public function getAmount(){
  $amount = str_replace(",","",$custom_area1['mrp']);
  return $amount;

This worked for me

<?php echo $currencySymbol;?>

<?php echo str_replace(",","",$custom_area1['mrp']); ?>/>

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