I recently start on Magento for one of my project and facing a few issues with a functionality i am trying to build. Basically, I want to create a separate section for customer profile. In this section, I'll bring Account Information, Change password and Address Book.

All worked well for Account information and Change Password but got stuck when I was trying to integrate Address Book in this new Section. Address block in main content area was repeating for /customer/address/ page.

Here are the steps i am following.

  • Created a new layout update handler in local.xml for customer profile

enter image description here

  • Created a layout update handler for address book which updates customer_profile.

enter image description here

  • Add Address block in customer_address_index.

enter image description here

What I am guessing here address block i am adding here is repeating because I am using same layout update handler name as in customer.xml, which is customer_address_index. Is that correct? and If it's true how can I make sure that address block is displayed only once in the page?

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To solve the problem for now, I just created another layout update handler in my custom.xml file. Still not sure if there is any better way to do keeping the url same. For now, my url is looking some thing similar to /customer/addressbook/index, instead of /customer/address/book/.

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Make sure you're using the same block name value on the layout which is updating the original

<block name="this.should.be.same.as.parent" />

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