I have a Magento 2 installation which has two websites - B2C and B2A. For B2A site I need to disable Stock Management so products won't be subtracted from the inventory when order is placed. I can understand this feature can be made from Stores->Configuration->Catalog->Inventory->Stock Options, and set Decrease Stock When Order is Placed to No. But it seems this option is working only globally, and can't be managed on website / storeview level?

And if this option can not be configured to website level, any suggesstions what else I can do to make Stock management disabled for B2A site?

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At this moment, Magento 2 (or 1) does not support website or store view stock level.
So the answer is NO, you cannot do that.
However, there is this official project that should be released sometime this year in a stable version that will allow you do to what you need and even more

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