I am currently adding all my products into a csv file ready to import into my store. To get the template i exported my existing products and am using that csv as the template which contains every single column.

I have a lot of empty columns such as...



Do i need to include these empty columns? If i remove them will that mess up my import?

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You do not need these columns, the only required columns you need are the attributes that are required in the backend.

So in a base install of Magento, you need "description", "name", "price", "sku", "status", "tax_class_id", "visibility", and "weight". Below is a picture of the required options in a clean install of Magento EE 1.14 (so there are a few additional required fields as you can see).

Required Options

Many developers, will delete these columns from the CSV if we are not using them.

I would suggest using OpenOffice to create your CSV and make sure you select the option to "quote all text fields". Microsoft Excel can work, however I have noticed a lot of formatting issues that can screw up data (especially if you use Office for Mac).

  • Great thanks! And just to confirm it doesnt matter on the order that i have the columns/attributes in my csv file?
    – odd_duck
    May 27, 2014 at 20:48
  • For the most part, I would keep the beginning of the file the same. I am digging in the code right now to double check.
    – kab8609
    May 27, 2014 at 21:55

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