Hi i have an array coming from json data of placed order items in my api in this form. let's suppose this example :

[items] => Array
            [0] => stdClass Object
                 [item_id] => 392
                 [name] => ketchup 20g
                 [qty] => 2

            [1] => stdClass Object

                    [item_id] => 393
                    [name] => Powder 
                    [qty] => 1


-------------php code for dumping array data on screen -------

 $result=  json_decode($result);
 echo "<pre>";
 echo "</pre>";

........... Basically i wants to fetch all order items placed by customer in one order.

echo $result->items[0]->name;

this code is returning one item name at a time manually ,but let's suppose if one order has multiple items , how can i fetch it through loop? please guide

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in my case due to array data are coming in multiple indexes so this worked for me: i hope it may help anybody

foreach ($result2 as  $value) {

      foreach($value as  $value2)

        foreach($value2 as $value3)
            foreach($value3->items as $value4)
                    echo '<br>';

This is a standard way to do it.

$jsondata = '';
$arr = (array)json_decode($jsondata, true);
 foreach ($arr as $k=>$v){
    echo $v; }

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