Does anyone know why the login template is duplicated in CE 1.9 ? (see image)


Different login templates

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    One is from Mage_Customer and one is from Mage_Persistant but to be honest, I have no idea, what Mage_Persistant does May 27, 2014 at 18:25
  • I was looking forward editing translations, and I just had this quick insight that the CSV to be changed is Mage_[1stDirInUrlPath].csv, it worked.
    – Niloct
    May 27, 2014 at 18:52

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While I'm not 100% sure, I pondered the same thing some month or so ago and decided that template/persistent/customer replaced template/customer at some point (even when persistent shopping cart have been turned off). The only reason why we still have template/customer is backward compatibility.

I guess same applied to other templates under persistent as well.

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