I have a Magento store and i want to change the template. I want to install a 2nd template and be able to work on this 2nd template and be able to view my changes on the front end without customers seeing it. Is there any way of doing this?

Magento 1.9.x

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    Can't you work in a local environment ? Mar 4, 2018 at 12:54

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  1. You have to create a second store store2 with his store view store2, then you fork your theme to another one exemple theme2.

  2. You set in admin for the the second store store2 the new theme theme2

  3. Now can work on your new template and you'll be able to see your changes, after when its ok you deploy it on your pricipal one.

  4. You can access to your new store like this: www.domaine.com?___store=store2

Nb: If you have a storeswitcher in your principal store (The store switcher appear when you have 2 store views under the current website you are viewing.), don't forget to remove the new store on it on customising that file, or you remove the storeswitcher block via xml.

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