I have several mismatches with session_id in my production website :

  • if I add a simple product to my cart with a freshly created customer, the session_id in the store switcher urls is not updated (the session_id is re-generated by magento by add to cart process) and when I switch to another store the session is lost
  • when I login with an existing customer and add a configurable product to my cart, if I go to checkout process, the session_id is re-generated again in the onepage controller but the first ajax query loads with the previous session_id instead of the newly one

Some information about configuration :

  • sessions are stored in files mode under /var/session/
  • session file permissions are 660
  • sid on frontend is enabled
  • cookie domain is "*.mydomain.com"
  • cookie path is empty
  • cookie lifetime is 86400
  • http only is off
  • website is fully https

Anybody has already faced this problem ?

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