I am new to Magento, and am using Magento 2.2.

How can we move the error message that is generated to the outside of it's field parent. Please note that I am looking for a way to do it through my custom theme. Please see the screenshot for clarification.

Moving error outside of it's parent field element


I have found the way to do this. I am sharing the answer to my question in case someone needs to do this:

  1. Create a folder called mage in your custom template with the following path:


  1. Place a copy of the file validation.js in this new mage folder. You can find a copy of the original validation.js in the following path:

/Magento Folder/lib/web/validation.js

  1. In my case, I wanted to move the .mage-error outside of the .field element, so I replace the following code:

    fieldWrapper = element.closest('.addon');


    fieldWrapper = element.closest('.field');

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