I have custom media attribute for hover hover_image I would like from list.phtml to get this full path url to cached file.

e.g small_image image in list.phtml is: http://magento2/media/catalog/product/cache/e616f7b3fa3ef730e13c0a1681a4995e/b/l/test.jpg

I need hover_image e.g:


How can I do that? thanks.


I've got this. So this is quite simple:

in view.xml

<image id="my_id" type="hover_image">

in list.phtml

 $_imagehelper = $this->helper('Magento\Catalog\Helper\Image');
 $productImg = $_imagehelper->init($_product,'my_id')->constrainOnly(FALSE)-

Note: keepAspectRatio, keepFrame, resize can be set in xml too instead.

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