I have been having an issue with my magento 2.1.8 webstore in which the styles.less for the admin pages is not being generated.

I am receiving this error when i try to do a static-content:deploy

adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_GB/css/styles.less Unable to get content for 'adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_GB/Magento_Checkout/css/ source/module/_checkout.less'

The Magento_Checkout module has been overwritten in my current theme, and i have placed the _checkout.less from the original module in the overwritten module in css/source/module/ but the error is still occurring.

What would be the correct location to place this file?


it seems I am missing a folder:


This folder is not appearing at all in the static/adminhtml/magento/backend/en_GB directory when i run static-content:deploy

How do i make this folder appear?



after commenting out the line:

@import '../Magento_Checkout/css/source/_module.less';

in styles.less I have found that the issue is not with the magento checkout, it is with the imports for all the modules:

// @import '../Magento_Checkout/css/source/_module.less';
// @import '../Ess_M2ePro/css/source/_module.less';
// @import '../Magento_AdminNotification/css/source/_module.less';
// @import '../Magento_AdvancedCheckout/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Backend/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Banner/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Braintree/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Catalog/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_CatalogPermissions/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Config/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_ConfigurableProduct/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_CurrencySymbol/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Customer/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_CustomerBalance/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Downloadable/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_GiftCard/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_GiftRegistry/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_GiftWrapping/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Marketplace/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_ProductVideo/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Review/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Reward/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Rma/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Sales/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Shipping/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Staging/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Tax/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Translation/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Ui/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_Vault/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_VersionsCms/css/source/_module.less';
@import '../Magento_VisualMerchandiser/css/source/_module.less';

When saving and uploading this file, i get the same error message but for the Magento_Backend module:

Compilation from source: adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_GB/css/styles.less Unable to get content for 'adminhtml/Magento/backend/en_GB/Magento_Backend/css/source/_module.less'

I have a feeling this may be an issues with the permissions? has anyone had this issue before?


I see that you are trying to overwrite Magento_Checkout in the backend theme, which is intended for admin.

You must do this overwriting in your current theme.

Your current theme is in /app/design/frontend/PackageName/ThemeName, where you can put the Magento_Checkout folder and the _checkout.less file is in this path /app/design/frontend/PackageName/ThemeName/Magento_Checkout/web/css/source/module/_checkout.less

  • cheers for your answer. while trying to find a solution, i tidied up some of my files. the Magento_Checkout module does not need to be over written. I have updated my question with the current problem – dev Feb 27 '18 at 14:50
  • I think it's a confusion, please tell me what the result you want to have. Do you want the result in the frontend, in the backend (admin)? – St3phan Feb 27 '18 at 23:11
  • The styles.less file is a file for the backend theme (admin) where you can import stylesheet files from all backend modules, and this styles.less the file is compiled and generates the styles.css file. – St3phan Feb 27 '18 at 23:12

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