Hoping for someone to chime in who extensively knows the Magento database architecture inside out.

Missing order numbers. Example, in Magento, order number increments like:

100002410 100002411 100002412 100002414 100002415

I get that depending on the stage a customer is at on the website, an order number may get reserved for that transaction should they complete or return at a later time and complete.

I know that the reserved order numbers are stored in the sales_flat_quote table under reserved_order_id and those that complete are stored in the sales_flat_order table which should look pretty identical the Magento sales order grid in the backend.

I'm trying to locate any kind of information on what happened to missing order 100002413 in the above sequence.

It doesn't show up as an order in the backend (and subsequently is not within the sales_flat_order table) yet it was never reserved in the sales_flat_quote table neither (and many other order ids don't appear to be either).

What exactly is happening with these missing order numbers? Just what information can we trace against them in the database directly?

If you are wondering why I am searching for this, it is because we are trying to debug why we had a conversion via Google Shopping Adwords that never actually happened in Magento. No order at all for the conversion value logged (and is definitely not any of the sales that did occur on the same day) so I am wondering if the conversion value matches any cart total that perhaps is connected to this missing order number.

  • Actually, sorry, I just found the order number in sales_flat_quote reserved 7 days before that increment id were being matched against actual orders.
    – zigojacko
    Feb 26, 2018 at 10:12

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Just in case someone has a similar problem. Extension Flagbit_MageHealth actually deletes old quotes to clean up the database. It led to difficulties in such investigations

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