Using magento 1.x I have changed the source of my sales_order grid form sales/order_grid_collection to sales/order_grid_collection

protected function _getCollectionClass() {
        return 'sales/order_collection';

This works aside form the Bill and Ship to Name fields which are empty. I cann't see why this would be the case. Any ideas why I should be missing these fields?

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  1. sales/order_grid_collection collection load data from sales_flat_order_grid table

  2. sales/order_collection collection load data from sales_flat_order table. This table has no Bill and Ship to Name fields.

That's why missing.

  • I see yes - the data I am missing is not stored in the sales_flat_order table, this is the role and purpose of sales_flat_order_grid I guess.
    – Alan A
    Feb 23, 2018 at 17:26

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