i am trying the following code :

<referenceContainer name="page.top"> <referenceBlock name="main_menu" remove="true" /> </referenceContainer>

in the DESIGN TAB > Layout Update XML in my page. but its not working.

my block's id is > 89 identifier is > main_menu and title is > Home 01- main menu. what else could i do to make this code work. basically, i want to remove this block from the homepage.


just hide it on home page.

check your body tag classes, there will be some unique class on home page body tag.

<body class="cms-home cms-index-index" >


by css you can hide it on only home page :)

  • can you tell me how and where to hide it? in which file? – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:15
  • can you give some html snippet from that block, which you want to hide? – Ganesh Godshelwar Feb 23 '18 at 12:17
  • <div class="main-menu menu-style-2">{{widget type="CleverSoft\CleverMegaMenus\Block\Widget\Megamenu" menu="main_menu"}}</div> <div class="zoo-customer-service text-right hidden-xs hidden-sm"> <p>Customer Service: <span style="font-weight: 600;"> (+xx) xxx- 7200-151</span></p> </div> thats the html used in this block – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:19
  • add in custom.css , body.cms-home div.main-menu.menu-style-2{display:none} – Ganesh Godshelwar Feb 23 '18 at 12:24
  • i am anxiously waiting for your humble suggestion and solutions – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:25

Have you try not to reference the Container?

As I see here, a friend has remove the wishlist sidebar only with Block's reference.

  • yes @christoforos i've tried it and doing this shows me the following error – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:06
  • Please correct the XML data and try again. Element 'referenceBlock': This element is not expected. Expected is one of ( referenceContainer, container, update, move ). Line: 1 – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:06
  • Have you enable path hints (Enabled Template Path Hints for Storefront) and block hints (Add Block Names to Hints) in the admin interface? You will find them here: Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Debug – Christoforos Kotsios Feb 23 '18 at 12:09
  • maybe not. can you guid me how can i enable that setting? – Laiba Feb 23 '18 at 12:09
  • I edit the comment. Check in the path I add. – Christoforos Kotsios Feb 23 '18 at 12:10

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