I am working on a custom payment method. I am stuck in between where one of my methods required Payment object of \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface

But I am getting Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Payment\Interceptor

from order object.

How Can I get this Payment object of \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface?



You can try Following if your request builder is executing:

namespace Vendor\Module\Gateway\Payment\Request;

use Magento\Payment\Gateway\Request\BuilderInterface;
use Magento\Payment\Gateway\Helper\SubjectReader;

class Yourclass implements BuilderInterface

    public function build(array $buildSubject)
        $paymentDO = SubjectReader::readPayment($buildSubject);

       $paymentInfo = $paymentDO->getPayment()  //this will give you  \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface

You refer above as example basically you need to use $paymentDO->getPayment() following code in your class as used in above.

  • Can I get this payment object by order object '$this->order->getPayment()'? – Charlie Feb 16 '18 at 11:16
  • I am not using request builder – Charlie Feb 16 '18 at 11:23
  • Could you share you code where you want to get InfoInterface , because as per I know if you are using magento2 pattern of building payment gateway you can get you InfoInterface in both request and response by using this SubjectReader::readPayment($buildSubject) if you need some where else mention in your question. – Shashank Gupta Feb 16 '18 at 11:29
  • My payment method is bit custom which is not using the magento2 Gatway. I am trying this is controller – Charlie Feb 16 '18 at 11:31
  • @Charlie have you got answer? – sivakumar Sep 12 '18 at 14:40

I found an example of where an object of type \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface can be found and how it is instantiated.

you may want to look at the file \Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Pdf\AbstractPdf

line $paymentInfo = $this->_paymentData->getInfoBlock($order->getPayment())->setIsSecureMode(true)->toPdf();

this line shows you how the invoice for an order is generated. This specific line extracts the payment information for the order. And the variable $order->getPayment() specifically is an object of type \Magento\Payment\Model\InfoInterface

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