Does Magento Open Source 2.2.2 supports Integrated B2B functionality? If not how could we integrate B2B with Open Source where it supports different features like below

  1. Customers can add products by SKU
  2. Allow business customers with the ability create company accounts, set up multiple buyers, and define their specific roles and responsibilities with easy self-service tools
  3. Create custom catalogs and price lists

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Here answer is simple no,

Magento by default does not provide this features.

For this purpose you can use Marketplace extension that converts your store to marketplace

Here are some example extension you can use for your purpose





Hope this info will help you

check above extension and see which extension can provide you best service as per your requirement


I am agree with Martuza answers, but you are missing CedCommerce, https://www.cedcommerce.com/magento-2-extensions/marketplace " it's proving affordable pricing packages.... "

  • there are still some more if we could find :) Commented Mar 10, 2018 at 5:36

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