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I'm not quite sure whether this has been answered before or not. I have done a fair amount of blog / thread searching on this problem/topic.

Is there a way to add a custom attribute to Static Blocks? For example it is possible via. the backend to create a new attribute and add it to a attribute set for products. For categories it has to be done with a small module, a install script and so on.

I have not come across a way of doing this to either of CMS pages or static blocks.

Can somebody help me getting in the right direction?

WHAT I WANT: A dropdown value/attribute for each unique static block, eg "Include, Exclude, Ignore", in the same area as "Status".

Static block

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For this, you need to overwrite this class Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Cms_Block_Edit_Form. This class is used to add fieldsets and fields for cms_block. Take a look on the _prepareForm() method inside it.

If you put this code, just after Title field,

    $fieldset->addField('sub_title', 'text', array(
        'name'      => 'sub_title',
        'label'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('Sub Title'),
        'title'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('Sub Title'),
        'required'  => true,

you can see your sub-title text field in static blocks. However Do not edit a core file directly. You need to write a custom module that should overwrite this class. Your Module config file should contain this code

File : app/code/local/Namespace/Module/etc/config.xml


This will allow you to rewrite the class. What you need to do now is define the rewrite class now and in there you need to rewrite _prepareForm(). It should some what look like this.

Location : app/code/local/Namespace/Module/Block/Adminhtml/Cms/Block/Edit/Form.php

class Namespace_Module_Block_Adminhtml_Cms_Block_Edit_Form extends Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Cms_Block_Edit_Form {

     protected function _prepareForm()
        //put all the code inside parent class here 
        //then place the below content in appropriate place

        $fieldset->addField('sub_title', 'text', array(
            'name'      => 'sub_title',
            'label'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('Sub Title'),
            'title'     => Mage::helper('cms')->__('Sub Title'),
            'required'  => true,
        return parent::_prepareForm();


Try based on this idea


Please note, it will allow you to put new field in cms > block, howver to save this, you need to define model for your module. You have two options. Add a new field to save your new field in Cms > Block table or create your own table and store this value in that field along with the referene to cms >block table. This is out of box and you should implement it your own way.

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    Thanks alot! I've added a table to the cms_block table. Feb 14, 2018 at 12:54

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